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In recent years there have been examples of many of these threats to ourselves and our way of life. From 9/11, to anthrax and bombs in the mail, to the Great Blackout of 2003, to the 2005 Hurricane Season and the destruction in the Gulf States, we have seen that these events are very real. We are warned daily of the potential for more terrorist attacks, of increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather, the possibility of a Global Pandemic and other emergencies with devastating effects.

We have become more aware that the world we live in is not a paradise where we may remain ignorant of the people around us and their intentions, the dangers inherent in our society and economy, or the havoc that nature can wreak upon us. We have seen that the government can not predict, plan, prepare or deal with emergencies; that we can not depend on government to make the correct or timely decisions and actions.

We are alone and can only depend on ourselves. That means that we must make plans, gather supplies and learn new skills so that we can cope with whatever emergency we may have to confront.

Emergency Preparedness - Survival - Homesteading

These are the buzzwords of our time. No longer are "Survivalists" seen as being on the fringe of society, with the government advising us to make plans and store supplies, "Survivalists" and "survivalism" have become main stream.

This site is dedicated to the reality of our times, to provide discussion and information on Emergency Preparedness, Survival and Homesteading for the novice and the expert. In the message forum you can talk with other people who take these issues seriously and want to make sure that they have the skills, plans, supplies and equipment necessary to prepare for and survive whatever emergency comes their way.

SurvivalistsSite.com offers a number of resources for our members and guests:

Message Forums
The Message Forums are the heart of SurvivalistsSite.com. In the Message Forums our members discuss various topics related to Emergency Preparedness, Survival and Homesteading. They talk about the current threats and potential threats that are facing us. They talk about gear, supplies, experiences, information, plans, strategies, risk assessment, etc. "What if" scenarios are posted and the options discussed. The Message Forums are open to reading by anyone, but guests can not post. We encourage everyone to become a member of SurvivalistsSite.com, membership is free and it only takes a few minutes to register.

Private Group Areas
We offer private areas of the SurvivalistsSite.com message forums to established groups who wish to have a private area for members of their group. The only requirement is that members of private group areas must participate in the other areas of the SurvivalistsSite.com message forums. We also do not allow the planning or conducting of illegal acts in private group areas.

SurvivalistsSite.com runs it's own multi-blog software and offers Blogs for people wanting to offer emergency preparedness, survival or homesteading information or commentary. Every blog has links to all of the other blogs hosted by SurvivalistsSite.com. If you are interested in having your own emergency preparedness, survival or homesteading related blog hosted for free click here for more information. For a complete list of all blogs hosted by SurvivalistsSite.com click here or on the Blog buttons at the top and bottom of this page.

Webhosting / web space
In conjunction with our Blogs we offer free webspace for small sites to allow our bloggers to host files used or referenced in their blogs, provide more information about themselves, provide links to other information, etc. Web space is also available to active members of SurvivalistsSite.com Message Forums so that they may provide more information about themselves. The format of web space URLs is www.survivalistssite.com/~username. For a complete list of all Community Pages hosted by SurvivalistsSite.com click here or on the Community buttons at the top and bottom of this page.

This is perhaps the single thing that sets SurvivalistsSite.com apart from other emergency preparedness, survival or homesteading sites. Through our messge forums, real time chat, blogs, webhosting / web space and email we are able to offer individuals the ability to be part of a Community that shares common interests. Not only can you post on the message forums and chat in real time but you can also have your own place on the web through a blog and/or webspace, and have your own email address. SurvivalistsSite.com also does everything it can to make sure that other members and visitors are aware of your blog or Community Page. Single pages that list every blog and every Community Page allow other members and visitors to quickly learn about your blog or Community Pages through a link and brief description.

Email accounts
SurvivalistSite.com offers free email to all bloggers and active members of the Message Forums. Email can be checked using any email client or through a web based interface (webmail). Email includes spam control using subject line notification that adds *****SPAM***** to suspected spam.

News Feeds
To provide our members with the news they need to be informed on issues affecting emergency preparedness, survival, homeschooling and homesteading we offer over 100 news feeds on our main page and a second news feeds page. The news feeds cover specific issues, general and economic news from around the world as well as updates and warnings on earthquakes and other potential natural disasters and severe weather that affect our members.

Blogs RSS & AtomFeed
SurvivalistsSite.com Blogs uses RSS and Atom syndication to allow you to read the blogs with your RSS or Atom feed reader. This allows you to subscribe to our Blogs RSS and Atom feeds and remain up-to-date with the latest from our bloggers.

Forums RSS Feed
SurvivalistSite.com uses RSS syndication to make reading the posts in the message forums easier and more convenient. By subscribing to our Forums RSS feed you can keep up-to-date with the latest posts in the message forums without having to visit the message forums themselves, you can get all new messages delivered to you. The RSS feed only displays part of each post, but some RSS readers support visiting the source which will allow you to read the entire post. If your RSS feed reader supports comments you can also post replies. You must be a member in order to post replies.

SurvivalistsSite.com offers a live Chat system for our members. We offer scheduled chat discussions on a variety of topics. Our members are also free to use the Chat at any time with other members.

Knowledge & Experience
With members from around the world the information provided by our members covers every perspective and climate. Our members come from all walks of life with various levels of experience. From the novice who is just getting started and has many questions to experts who have been preparing for many years or are living on a Homestead. Some of our members have military experience where they have had to put these skills to daily use.

Our members are constantly looking for new information and equipment. They share what they find and conduct gear reviews of the equipment they find and use in a real world scenario. They share tips and tricks on what equipment to buy, what equipment to stay away from, what foods to stock, where to find equipment and supplies cheaply and many more topics.

The Downloads section is for message forums members only. You will find information related to Emergency Preparedness, Survival and Homesteading that you can read at your leisure or print out a copy to keep handy. The Downloads section has 200 gigabytes of bandwidth per month and 10 gigabytes of space allocated for files.

Links are contained in the Links section and in the members area of the Message Forums. These links will take you to other sites that offer information on Emergency Preparedness, Survival and Homesteading.

SurvivalistsSite.com hosts its own adserver. This allows us to highlight aspects of the SurvivalistsSite.com community on every page. We can draw attention to our Blogs, individual bloggers, Community Pages, etc. It also allows us to accept paid advertising. If you have an emergency preparedness, survival or homesteading related product or service and would like to advertise on SurvivalistsSite.com contact ads@survivalistssite.com for more information.

About The News Feeds
News feeds from a variety of sources related to Emergency Preparedness, Survival, Homesteading, Homeschooling and world events to keep you informed and better able to prepare.

Emergency Preparedness & Survival Basics

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